Organization for Better Energy Flow

Do you feel overwhelmed when your desk is cluttered or your house is messy or your phone has unopened messages? 

Now is the perfect time to CLEAN out whatever is blocking your flow of energy. 

When your desk is cluttered, you spend more time worrying about the mess in front of you instead of completing your daily tasks. At the end of the day, you might feel disappointment and like you didn’t accomplish anything today. 

When the house is messy, you block your flow of energy. Have you heard of people who clean when they are stressed? When we clear and organize, we release tension and allow energy to flow naturally. Maybe your messy house is blocking your energy and preventing you from taking time to exercise or enjoy the outdoors. Take time this weekend to SPRING CLEAN your house so your energy can flow uninterrupted. Open the windows and allow fresh air to cleanse the energy inside the house. 

Now the phone… we spend so much time on our phones and computers. We are constantly connected. Some people have anxiety about unread messages on their phone. Again, they are focusing on what’s not done instead of the project in front of them. Our phones really are a distraction. So take sometime and delete all those unread messages. Reply to the important ones. And be done with your phone! 

As side from decluttering the environments around us, we need to make sure the energy is flowing within our bodies as well. Any kind of movement is great for moving STUCK energy. Once our energy is flowing naturally, we can relax. You might notice cleaning up the environments around you and the environment within you, your sleep might improve. You might have fewer anxiety attacks. Overall you feel HEALTHIER!

What do you go to lose? It’s spring time and it’s the perfect time to awaken your energy within you and around you. And if your overall health doesn’t improve from decluttering your house and desk, well at least you’ll have a clean house!