Eat Right to Feel Better

It’s simple- the food you eat is the fuel you are giving your body. We need food for energy. 

But did you know food is not just fuel for our physical body but also for our mental well-being?

Some foods can actually impair our mental function and decrease our energy levels, while other foods boost our energy and allow us to concentrate easily. What we eat and drink can have powerful effects on our ability to focus, our mental clarity and our mood. 

Food allergies can also effect our mental health. Take time to listen to your body. Does eating a certain meal cause you to feel anxious? Does another food cause you to be tired? Often times sugar, gluten and dairy cause stress on the body which impacts our mental health. Try eliminating sugar, gluten and dairy to see how your body feels. 

Fill your diet with water, fiber, nuts, vegetables, fruits and seeds! You will be amazed at how good your body feels- physically and mentally!