Our Wellness services offer comprehensive chiropractic care and nutrition coaching to help your body function optimally. When you visit Dr. Meredyth’s office, you’ll leave knowing your care is in the right hands.

Initial Chiropractic Evaluation: $100

Dr. Meredyth is not taking new patients at this time. (Stay tuned hopefully there will be a new doctor in the office Spring 2022.) If this is your first time visiting Dr. Meredyth’s office, this is the right choice for you! You and Dr. Meredyth will discuss your main concerns, and how your body is functioning overall. After gaining an understanding of your history, Dr. Meredyth will help you determine if chiropractic care is the ideal treatment for you.  If chiropractic care is right for your needs, you will end your evaluation with an adjustment. If this treatment is not right for you, trust that Dr. Meredyth will recommend the appropriate care.

Chiropractic Follow-Up Appointment: $55

As an established patient, follow-up appointments take 10 to 15 minutes and do not require paperwork. Dr. Meredyth will perform the services you need thoroughly and quickly, so you can get back to your busy life.

3 Month Virtual Nutrition Program:

Are you tired of not feeling your best? Are you labs “normal” but you don’t feel great? Are you dealing with digestive symptoms? Let Dr. Meredyth help you get to the root cause of your nutrition complaints. You will work closely with Dr. Meredyth over a 3 month period. You will get a complete health history evaluation, individualized lab testing, a detailed action plan with foods and supplements, a discount on professional grade supplements and MORE. Schedule a FREE strategy call today to see if the 3 month program is right for you. Fill out the form below Dr. Meredyth will email you to schedule your call. 

I am not ‘in-network’ with any insurance providers and do not accept any form of insurance at this time.

Upon request, I do provide ‘super bill’ receipts for patients pursuing reimbursement from their insurance company directly.

However, my office does not under any circumstances communicate with insurance companies.