Our Wellness services offer comprehensive chiropractic care and nutrition counseling to help your body function optimally. When you visit Dr. Meredyth’s office, you’ll leave knowing your care is in the right hands.

Initial Chiropractic Evaluation: $75

If this is your first time visiting Dr. Meredyth’s office, this is the right choice for you! You and Dr. Meredyth will discuss your main concerns, and how your body is functioning overall. After gaining an understanding of your history, Dr. Meredyth will help you determine if chiropractic care is the ideal treatment for you.  If chiropractic care is right for your needs, you will end your evaluation with an adjustment. If this treatment is not right for you, trust that Dr. Meredyth will recommend the appropriate care.

Chiropractic Follow-Up Appointment: $50

As an established patient, follow-up appointments take 10 to 15 minutes and do not require paperwork. Dr. Meredyth will perform the services you need thoroughly and quickly, so you can get back to your busy life.

Initial Nutrition Consultation: $50

Nutrition evaluation is your best option when you are unsure of your eating habits. In this one-hour appointment, you and Dr. Meredyth will discuss what is happening with your body and what kind of food should be part of your diet. A typical consultation involves the patient sharing what they eat on a normal day and how they feel after meals. Based on this information, Dr. Meredyth will write a meal plan for you and/or recommend supplements.

Nutrition Follow-Up Appointment: $30

This is a 30-minute appointment where you will discuss how your new eating habits are working for you. During this time, Dr. Meredyth may modify your diet plan to better address the overall function of your body. Take this opportunity to plan your meals, receive recipes, and plan your next trip to the grocery store.

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Yoga: $5

Yogis of all ages are welcome to an hour-long class. Let go of stressors. Focus on breathing. Work on flexibility. February schedule Monday 9-10am, Tuesday 4-5pm and Thursday 6-7pm.

Please note that new patient evaluations and consultations may take 30-60 minutes, as Dr. Meredyth will ask about your current health, past history and help you set your wellness goals.