Keeping Your Brain Young

Millions of people are affected by Alzheimer’s disease in the US. One out of 3 senior citizens will die from Alzheimer’s this year. Individuals with Alzheimer’s struggle with a decline in their ability to think, remember and enjoy life. They also struggle with the mental aspect, the inability to no longer care for themselves. They struggle to eat, move and care for themselves independently. 

And even scarier, the numbers are soon going to triple in the next three decades. 

So what can you do to take care of your brain? 

-Change your diet. A diet filled with vegetables is a great anti-inflammatory diet. As we know, inflammation is the root cause of many diseases. 

-Exercise! When you move your body, there is an increased movement of nutrients to our brains. The brain needs oxygen and glucose to function properly. 

-Stress management. Now, this is different for everyone. Stress management could look like going for a walk, reading a book, listening to music, meditating, gardening, etc. But stress is actually the beginning of inflammation in our bodies. So the more you can quiet your mind and boost your happy thoughts, the less stress you put on your body. 

-SLEEP! Who doesn’t love sleep? When we sleep at night, our brain gets a chance to reboot. Yes, just like your computer and phone, your brain needs to shut down and start up again. 

The sooner you start taking care of your brain, the less likely you are to develop Alzheimer’s disease and other memory loss disorders.