Finding Balance

Do you feel balanced between work and play? Or are you constantly working, stressing yourself out and not taking breaks?

We live in a world where many believe in all work and no play. But that couldn’t be more wrong, not to mention totally UNhealthy.

We need to take breaks. We need to allow our body time to rejuvenate. Then we will find we are more productive.

Finding a balance between work and play also allows us to be more centered.

So what can you add to your daily routine in order to find a balance between work and play?

Do you have an exercise routine you do daily? You could go for a morning walk or walk on your breaks.

Do you listen to podcasts or watch informational videos? I personally love listening to podcasts when I’m getting ready for work in the morning. I always learn something new and find myself more energetic on the days I take time for myself. Listening to podcasts while you commute to work is a great way to get motivated for your day. Or maybe you need to wind down on the drive home at night.

Are you setting aside time to read? I love reading before bed. It helps quiet my mind and allows me to fall asleep easier. 

Finding a rhythm between work and play helps us live a healthier life. So don’t sacrifice your LIFE for work. We are only given one chance to LIVE, so do it right.