Setting a Routine for Healthy Eating Habits

I hear it every day when I talk to patients about eating healthy… “I don’t have time for that.” 

Do you really not have time? Or is it not important enough to make time? 

Your health is important ladies and gents! We only get one body to live in. If we do not feed our bodies the proper nutrients, it’s going to shut down. We’re going to develop diseases and eventual die. Life is short enough as it is. Take control of what’s in your hands. That means taking responsibility for the foods you’re putting in your mouth! 

Cooking dinners during the week sucks. I get it. When I get done in the office around 6 or 7 night, the last thing I want to do is decide what am I eating and do I have everything to make this meal.

This is where many people decide “oh I’ll just order take out” or “I’m eating Kraft Mac & Cheese for dinner tonight”. YUCKK… Stop right there. Stop wasting your money. Let’s create a routine where once a week you PLAN your meals for the week, go grocery shopping and PREPARE for the week ahead. 

My boyfriend will tell you, he dislikes Sundays. He dislikes me hounding him, asking him what he wants to eat for the week. We both flip through cookbooks and pinterest to plan our dinners for the week. During this time, we also talk about what we’re each having for lunch. After that we make a grocery list and go grocery shopping TOGETHER. We both need to eat, therefore we’re both going to the store. 

When we get home, we unpack everything and prep as much as possible. We wash and cut up fruits and veggies. Sometimes we cut up meat and let it marinate. We know what we are eating each night…. (Complexity of meals depends on how much time we have to cook- when I’m working until 6 we are not having a meal that takes 90 minutes to cook. That’s eating way too late at night.) We have recipes for every meal, so no matter who is home first, dinner will be done in a timely matter. 

After we eat, leftovers get put in individual size containers, so if you need lunch the next day it’s ready for you to grab out of the fridge. Yes, this means investing in some storage containers. 

Let’s not just talk about how to set a routine. Let’s talk about how we FEEL when we eat healthier. We are not stressed, searching through the cupboards at 7pm looking for food. We are not resorting to quick and easy foods that are filled with chemicals and cause chemical stress. We actually enjoy eating dinner. And when our body has all the required nutrients, we sleep much better. 

So if you need help starting a HEALTHY routine, just ask! We can make a routine that will work for you!