The “Kevin McCallister” Diet

The holidays are coming to an end and I’m sure you watched Home Alone for the millionth time. If not, I’m sure you’ve seen it. The point is how can an 8 year old outsmart and catch two 40 year old men? Oh yeah that’s right, he had a PLAN. He was PREPARED and FOLLOWED THROUGH. Now if an 8 year old can booby trap a house and catch the bad guys, why can’t you lose a couple pounds or stick to a healthy eating regimen? 

I get it, eating healthy takes thought and effort. But come on… YOU ONLY GET ONE BODY TO LIVE IN! 

Do you want to feel like a 75 year old who can hardly move when you’re in your 30’s? I DON’T THINK SO! (picture Kevin saying this in the movie-“Think about it. A kid going into a hotel. Making a reservation. I don’t think so.” But once again, he had a plan and he stuck to it.)

So how does the Kevin McCallister diet work? 

Step 1: Create a PLAN. A meal plan that is. What should you be eating in order to be healthy? You might need to do some research here or consult a nutritionist. But think basic- vegetables, fruits, protein and water. Eating healthy doesn’t need to be complex. Then make a grocery list.

Step 2: Be PREPARED. Don’t leave the fridge empty. That’s just asking for trouble. When there is nothing to eat in the house, generally we rely on quick and easy meals such as fast food places and take out. After you go grocery shopping, wash the fruits and vegetables. Cut them up and store them in containers so you can easily grab some cut up vegetables instead of a bag of chips. Cook meals for the week ahead of time. 

Step 3: FOLLOW THROUGH. Like I said, you’re only given one body. Take care of it. Treat it well so it can last you a lifetime. Realize how good your body feels when you provide it with the proper nutrients. And most importantly, when it gets tough DON’T GIVE UP!