Family Bonding

I am very lucky to be close with my family. My family is always there no matter what time of day. (Yes, I just texted my brother to come fix something for me and he said he will be here as soon as he’s done working.) I know not everyone gets along with their family, and that’s okay. Maybe you have friends that are basically family. Yep, a couple friends definitely are like my family. It’s normal for them to come to family dinners and parties. In fact, it’s unusual when they aren’t there. We all need someone we can turn to. 

So my family might be a little out there for you. As many of you know, at Thanksgiving my mom’s entire side of the family stays under one roof for 3 days and bowls with a frozen turkey. Call us redneck or whatever you want, but we have so much fun. The stories we tell. The things we do. We laugh. We eat too much. And we might drink too much. But spending time together is the best! 

When my immediate family goes on vacation, we love to play mini golf. I’m not sure when or how this started. But we have so much fun playing golf. The ball gets lost. It might take 10 swings on a hole. But when you laugh so hard your abs hurt, you know you had a good time. 

So spend time with your family this year. Make memories. Laugh until you cry. 

Happy New Year!