What is food to you?

We all LOVE food right? Well maybe not all of us. Some of us have a fear of food. Maybe we don’t know what exactly we should be eating. Maybe we regret everything we put in our mouths. Are you eating for fuel? Are you eating for fun? Or are you comfort eating? Think about that each time you go to eat something. You want to eat food to FUEL your body.

Next…. Did you know the body can hear you talking negatively to yourself? So when you go to eat something and say “I’m totally going to feel like crap after eating this” YOU REALLY WILL FEEL LIKE CRAP.

Think about your body like a machine. You need to give it the right nutrients so it can perform at its best each day. You don’t want your insides to rot out and quit before the rest of the body is ready to give up. We need to preserve the insides of our body. We need to nourish our bodies with the best foods available.

So nourish your body. Eat meals full of color and packed with nutrients. And when you go to take a bite, think to yourself “I am eating food that blesses my body” “This food is going to give me the energy I need to tackle my day” “I am giving my body the nutrients it needs”. Whatever you have to tell yourself! Just make sure you are treating your body with respect.