Day 76

Because some days at 5:30am I don’t want to work out. Yes, this is me pouting. Wishing I could go back to bed and cuddle with the dog for another hour. The thoughts running through my mind… why did I commit to an 80 day work out program? Who does hour work outs? Anything that was demotivating was running in my head.

But then the positive thoughts started flowing.

  • I texted Matt for accountability. He knows I’m on day 76 out of 80. So he said why are you going to give up now? You’re almost done.
  • Working out in the morning makes me a better person throughout the day.
  • And last but not least, I committed WITH MY MOM to start a new program next week!! So I have to finish this week.

And here I am post cardio, dripping sweat and so glad I got my butt out of bed! (And only 4 work outs left!)