Supplements- not created equally

I have been running into patients not wanting to purchase supplements during their appointments “because they have some at home”. When I ask where they got these supplements from, their answer is typically the drug store, online, Amazon, etc.

In today’s world, we can easily purchase a wide variety of supplements. However, NOT ALL SUPPLEMENTS ARE CREATED EQUALLY.

What does that mean?

  1. Store bought supplements tend to have a lot of “fillers”. They are filled with gelatin and other ingredients to make you think you are getting a high dose vitamins for CHEAP.
  2. The form of the vitamin is not right for your body. Your body needs bioavailable and absorbable ingredients. The supplements I sell in the office are whole food based so they can easily be absorbed and utilized by the body for specific functions.
  3. Some supplements sold online are cheap because they are old. Vitamins have expiration dates. If you are consuming a high quality vitamin, they will have an expiration date on them. Just like the food we consume each day that expires, vitamins expire also.

So the next time you purchase supplements, make sure there is a high dose of the vitamins you need. Make sure the vitamin is going to be absorbed by the body. And most importantly make sure the vitamin is FRESH.

Yes, you might be spending a little more money. But remember this is your body. You only get one body to live in so you better take care of the only one you have.