New Year’s Resolution

Do you make a New Year’s Resolution? Well you have 2 weeks to come up with a resolution(s). And very common resolutions are work out and eat healthier, but what does that mean? Why do you want to work out and eat healthier? What are you going to gain physically and mentally from doing these things this year? Are you going to stay commited to your resolutions for 365 days? Are you making New Year’s Resolution to better yourself? Do you have habits you want to break? If making a resolution is going to help you break habits and become a better person, then make a resolution!

I wouldn’t say I make a New Year’s Resolution. I set goals for myself every couple weeks or months depending on how long they take to achieve. I make promises to myself and I keep them. Nothing bothers me more than starting something and NOT FINISHING it!!

At the beginning of December, I started a new work out program that will finish at the end of January. So going to the gym on January 2nd is not high on my priority list because I’ve already made time in my schedule for working out. Working out wasn’t always easy. I would find a million excuses why I couldn’t do it. I had to find what type of program works for me. Now I enjoy working out.I take 30-60 minutes a day for MYSELF. I focus on nothing but lifting weights, contracting muscles and getting my heart rate up. 

In January, I am going to do another detox. This one is not going to be as intense as the one I did in October. But I need 10 days to reset my digestive tract. Overall, I feel better and my body functions better after a detox. I like how it feels, so I keep doing it on a regular basis. 

One thing I am going to work on this year is saving money. As many of you know, I moved into a new office and house this summer. I was spending money left and right. But I’ve completed one goal I wanted (build my own house) and now I’ve got other goals to achieve. Those goals require money so I’m going to start saving so those dreams can become reality. Obviously saving money isn’t a very specific goal. So I am going to break down how much I need to save each week. I am going to make sure I set that money aside each week. I am not going to touch it unless it is going to be used for my next goal. 

If you need to tell me your resolutions so I can help you or hold you accountable, then TELL ME! I’m here to HELP you! 

Happy Holidays!